It’s all about Bugs!

As the holidays are over we are settling back into our routines and kicking off some more learning activities, and this week is All About Bugs.


Each day we have planned literacy activities, sensory activities, sorting, identifying, and field trips great for everyone ranging from your very young toddlers to your mid-level elementary level student. So much of language and Reading development relies on exposure to vocabulary so picking a unit to focus on can help you just as much as the kids.

Choosing a unit also helps children gain more information, as they link all new words and learning together to form a better understanding.


It’s All About Bugs Unit! 

Each day we read a new page of Eric Carle’s classic Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and added to our Retell of the story, to practice comprehension.

This week’s keyword is Caterpillar. 

Introducing the letter C

Song of the week: The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  (read The very Busy spider by Eric Carle)

This unit also includes exposure to the following skills:

Names of fruits, colors, Days of the week, and same and different activities (the goal is not mastery for toddlers, it is just exposure).


Sensory Activites:

  1. Play-dough bug hunt: Using a package of fake bugs (1$ Dollartree) and some playdough, we made a clever game of hide and seek, looking for the bugs.
  2. Bug sensory Bin: Reusing the fake bugs I put them in a small bin with some toy farm animals. We played a game asking “Is this a bug?” and sorted the animals from the bugs.

Field Trips

  1. The Zoo: we spent some time learning about bugs at the LA zoo. We also learned about the animals that eat bugs.
  2. Bugs Life Land in Disneyland Splashpad. It was fun to get shrunk down to the size of a bug and play with our surrounding, of course most bugs wouldn’t like the water so much, but my little bugs couldn’t get enough.



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