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I hope to raise my children as citizens of the world. I hope they will be compassionate towards the struggles of those around them, and will constantly gain perspective on what those people must do to be successful. I hope I will raise them to ask themselves, “What can I do to help?” “How can I make their burden lighter?” “How can I support someone else trying to follow their dream?”

I recently published an article for Team Rakbo, an online platform designed to help international students.

In this article, I recall obstacles in the classroom while trying to help ELL (English Language Learners). I also detail my experiences in college classes that helped me gain perspective on what it would be like to be a student trying to learn in a language I did not fully understand yet.

Of course, I also included some helpful tips for those socializing with ELL students and for the students themselves.  These are specific ideas on how you can help someone who is struggling.

This resource focuses on language outside of the classroom, and how important that type of language can be to helping an ELL student succeed in the classroom. Just socializing in casual situations, participating in the conversation, or being one of the gain, can support these learners for more than you may ever know.

Support my writing by clicking the link, and leaving a comment on Team Rakbo’s site about what you thought.

I hope you find the article interesting and that it helps you understand a new perspective.

Learning the Social Language


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