Sensory Activity of the week: Sound!

Sensory Unit: Sound- Everyhting you need to teach your kids through play about sound and music. Book lists, Diy instruments, keywords, and acctivity suggestions.

Sometimes we are very quiet, AND SOMETIMES WE ARE VERY LOUD!

And this week we are putting that volume to good use.

This week we are focusing on everything to do with sound.

We have our normal songs we sing throughout the day, like our Good Morning song, Days of the week (Link here to old post for video), months of the year, counting, and Mr. Sun for when we do our weather report, all part of our learning routine. But this week we are doing something a little different.

Music consistently shows to help with a child’s brain develop and later even literacy skills.

Here is a sample of how a Sound unit can go: 

Monday:Focus on loud and quiet. Play the louder/ quieter game. As you raise your hand higher, the kids can get louder and louder, as you put your hand down they get more and more quiet. *Bonus, this hand signal will double later on as a behavioral clue to speak softer or lower the noise level. With babies say the word loud and get louder, and whisper quiet.

With babies say the word loud and get louder, and whisper quiet.

With all kids go over other keywords (like sound, music, beat, instrument, song, sing) each day of the unit.


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Tuesday: DIY instruments. While younger tots can use this time to just play and discover, preschool age children can start to be exposed to beat and rhythm. Discover different sounds, and remember the best learning is happening when they are playing.

Anything can become an instrument!

DIY instruments- sensory unit for baby or tot play. learning about sound                Learning about sound, tot school/ preschool sound unit, key words DIY instruments, and activity ideasDIY instrument ideas- use holdhold items to make instruments for learning about sound with your kids. full article at

Wednesday: Exposure to the greats. Share great music with your kids. Now this means different things for different people. My children tend to get a wide variety of music between my husband and I. With him they listen to classical and country, and with me, we spend our time listening to jazz like  Ella Fitzgerald Louis Armstrong, Disney soundtracks, and pretty much any band from the British invasion in the 1960’s. Seriously, I encourage you to stop whatever you are doing and dance one song a day with your kids from beginning to end. This type of silliness and love of music and movement brings children joy, confidence, and of course happy memories.

Thursday: Visit a bookstore, to find a book with sound effects. Enjoy a family outing to a Barnes and Noble or library and look for a book with sound buttons. Let children younger than two play and discover the sounds on their own. Use the words for the sounds while they play. Children preschool age should read the book along with you. As you read, allow them to hit the sound buttons at the right time.

Other great books with music: Giraffs can’t dance, and M is for Melody.

Friday: Read a story that has a song. This can be a nursery rhyme or any story that features rhythm at some point. However, my personal favorite is Pete the Cate and his cool white shoes.

The song all over the internet, and it goes great with amazing illustrations from the book.

Coloring activities and crafts to companion with this book are featured below.

Saturday:  Musical opportunities. Seek out opportunities in your area whether it be a concert in the park, or a Gymboree class, or a mommy group, try to find an opportunity to have your kids engage with music. This can be concert playdate, or listening to a jukebox at a restaurant, or  musicians performing live. I am fortunate enough to have Disneyland right around the corner, so we took the babies to Disneyland soundsational parade, and to view other live musicians in the park….


what it was educational…. 😉

Hope you have fun learning and playing with your kids.


With love,


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