Disney’s Haunted Mansion just got better…

Each year Disneyland decorates the park for the fall festivities.

Mainstreet is covered in pumpkins, The day of the dead is celebrated in Frontierland, and the Haunted Mansion receives a special makeover as Jack Skelington’s Nightmare before Christmas.

This year, Disney has included a new person in their display. While Sally, Jack’s girlfriend from the beloved Tim Burton movie, has only previously appeared as a small one-foot doll at the exit of the ride, this year she is full size and adding just touch more detail to the Jack Skelington story.

Haunted Mansion get one new resident

Photo Credit to: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/09/halloween-time-at-the-disneyland-resort-begins-today-with-new-spooky-spectres-in-haunted-mansion-holiday-at-disneyland-park/?CMP=SOC-FBPAGE20160915150000

Inside the Graveyard scene, a full-size Sally animatronic can be seen peering dreamingly at Jack dressed as Sandy Claws from behind a grave stone.

Keep an eye out for her, and few other details that have been added by Imagineers to make this year’s Christmas Haunted Mansion better than ever!Can you spot the additions? Add them to the comments below? Which Haunted Mansion do you prefer, the traditional or the Nightmare before Christmas? Tell us why below.

Looking to give your home a Nightmare before Christmas makeover this year for Halloween: Check out this great Pinterest board of ideas : https://www.pinterest.com/mrsdaniwilson/nightmare-before-christmas/?etslf=7612&eq=nightmare

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