Playground Unit

playground unit

Vocabulary development for little ones happens most often from what we do and the words we say. I figured with school starting again this would be a great unit…

This week we continue our learn through play commitments with our playground unit.

In a previous post the acquisition of vocabulary and the difference early exposure makes was discussed (link here).

Exposing your child to as many words by agplayground unit pic 1e three we help them have a head start in academics and communication. But it is never to late. So get started. Below is the full playground unit: keywords, crafts, project challenges for older kids. Ages 0-10 activities.

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For younger learners: Post the keywords and talk about them individually. Visit a park and talk about them in context. Use full sentences: We are going down the slide. Would you like to go on the swings? The swings are fun!

For Kinder: Follow previous directions but include a literacy game, like first sound recognition. “Bounce it out Bounce it out, s-s-slide.” This builds phonemic awareness for your young reader.

For first and second: Post the words and read them daily. Start with echo read. I read the word, child reads the word. Then move into reading the word at the same time as words become more familiar. On the last day, have the child read the word, first with picture clue, and then with picture clue folded and hidden.

Advanced readers/older children: Make it a game. Take the word strips and tape to the play ground. On your mark, get set, go child has to run and label each of the items as quickly as he or she can. Great for  Kenetic LEARNING. 

Game two: Print two sets of the word strips, cut them out and lay them face down on the floor. Take turns turning over a card, reading it, and trying to find its match. If it doesn’t match turn them back over, if the do match, collect them.

Game Three: Charades! Have the child pull the keyword out of the hat, and they must act it out for your to guess.

Support your learning with these great books:

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Younger Writers: Have them write about their day at the park by drawing a three step picture that tells a story of what happened. For more advanced little ones, encourage them to add words to their story even if these are just scribbles, or letter chains. This is part of normal learning to write behavior.

Older writers: make their own book about their day, using construction paper to make a cover and back of the book. Focus on that their story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Don’t forget to tell me what units you want to see: Pokemon Go coming soon, and fall unit up next.

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