DIY baby photos- all year round!

In honor of throwback Thursday, I thought it would be nice to share the DIY photoshoots- from all year round.

One of the many decisions we made prior to having the twins was about photos. I wanted to get professional photos of the babies as Newborns and Cory thought it was a waste of money.We made a deal. He would be given two weeks to get quality professional-like photos of the twins or I would be finding a Groupon and taking them somewhere.

Here is the outcome:


Needless to say I was so happy with our photos, I didn’t take them into anywhere to get their photos done.

Cory had shown me a couple of quick tricks and articles about taking photos of babies. He said you only need some decent lighting, a couple cute props, and a really good camera (or a friend with a really good camera).

Then you just take as many photos as possible. You only need one to come out. And it isn’t hard to get a good one with a subject like a baby (or in our case, two babies).


Since then I have done our own photos every month. Every stage is so different and they change so much. I already look back at some photos and can’t believe how round Ellie’s face looks, or cute Walts toothless grin was.

.infant photoshoot walt lights smile

DSC01124 (2)DSC02171 (3)DSC02324 (4)DSC02889 (2)DSC03023 (3)

DSC03972 (3)DSC03999 (2)








(All grandparents will most likely be getting a calendar this year for Christmas)

So here are a couple really quality links to help a regular person take some really nice photos:

When I comes to lighting, the easiest thing to do is go outside just after sunrise or just before sunset.

And last, don’t be obsessed with getting the perfect photo. Even ones where things are going wrong end up being special.

Not to mention this is a fun way to learn about the seasons and holidays, use specific vocabulary to those holidays, and have fun with your baby, or… in my case… babies. 😉

With love


Dani holds a M.Ed. in Educational curriculum development, M.Ed. Instructional leadership. She is Certified reading specialist, Mother of twins, Loving wife, Blogger and Friend.

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