Apple Themed Learning Units


Apple Themed Center Activity -editable- printable, FREE DOWNLOAD* Mathcing uppercase and lower case, numbers, and -at family.  *with subscription to site,

Apple Themed Center Activity -editable- printable, FREE DOWNLOAD

Making Learning Centers is a great way, as a teacher or as a mom, to help children get guided practice with a variety of skills. These can be used individually, with support, or in a group of kids or students.

Below is an Apple Themed Edit-able document that can be changed to whatever learning you are reinforcing.

Subscribe and receive uppercase and lowercase matching, counting, and -at word family. Print on red or white paper, laminate or use clear packing tape to be able to reuse them.



Here are some ideas on how to use them:

  • Play matching memory games with the cut outs.
  • Put all cut out in the basket, bucket, or bowl. Have the child pull out the apple cutout, say what is on the card, and white it on a white board. (You can practice this in a small group or class setting, by selecting a child to pull an apple out, then have everyone write it together).
  • For the numbers have kids retrieve the numbers around the yard and then arrange them in number order.

Each of these ideas reinforced literacy while being interactive and child-centered.

apple title art

Letter A handwriting  With love,



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  1. Alisha says:

    Do you have any Units for cursive writing for older kids? I’ll definitely share this with my sister-in-laws who have smaller kiddos.

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