10 things to mail to Grandma

Everyone love mail!

Isn’t it wonderful to walk out to your mailbox and find a colorful envelope addressed to you unexpectedly?

And if there is anyone out there who deserves those warm and fuzzy feelings it’s grandma.

Between one Grandma a state away who we miss daily, and another grandma babysitting for our Disney Date night (post coming soon), I’m feeling really thankful for Grandmas.

Here are some great ideas of little things that can be sent to Grandma this autumn season to let her know you are thinking about her. The big thing to keep in mind, is a little goes a long way, Grandma will love it no matter what. It truly is the thought the counts.

  1. 4X6 photos – Did you know Walgreens will printYou Are my Sunshine, gift idea for Grandma More at www.teahcingtotwins.com and mail them for you? For less then two dollars I sent Grandma a whole pack of 4X6 photos through walgreens and saved on postage.
  2. Remind her that she brightens your life with this beauty: (Full Pin here)
  3. Coloring pages addressed To: Grandma
  4. Spooky Ghost Feet Ghost Feet- 10 ideas of things to send to Grandma. see more at www.teachingtotwins.com     (Click Here for directions)
  5. Hello from your little pumpkins- Thello from your little pumpkins photo. and More ideas @ www.teachingtotwins.comhis is a quick and easy idea specially from those who may be less crafty. Just take a picture with some pumpkins, print it our and though it on some constuction paper and write “Hello from your little pumpkins” at the bottom. Nice and Easy!
  6. A letter- for older kids, let them practice letter writing by telling grandma in a letter about their new class, clubs they signed up for, and friends they have reconnected with or made at the start of school. Ask Grandma at the bottom to write back. Let them walk down to the mail box and send it.
  7. Decorate an oven mit as it gets closer to Thanksgiving with some puffy paint. (Click here for ideas).
  8. Make a fall tree with thumbprints, or corks for easier clean up fall tree
  9. Make a tissue paper or construction paper pumpkin.
  10. Send a Thank you letter from you and your spouse reminding them how grateful you are for Grandmas like them.

Let’s be real, Thank heaven for Grandmas.

With Love




What would you send to Grandma? Any other cute crafts for fall on your to do list? Share below.

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