…That Kind of Dad

That kind of Dad

” That should do it. ” He called out, his voice dripping of accomplishment.

“Can I look now?” I asked with a holler from the picnic table I had been sequestered to.

” Yes, come look.” I swear, I could hear the pride in his voice.

I hopped off the picnic table and made my way down the grassy hill and into the area of trees where the street lights failed to shine. This is where Cory had been setting up my surprise. He better not be naked was honestly the thought that popped into my head as a walked now a little more hesitant.

But as I turned the corner I saw a fully clothed Cory standing in front of me, with nothing more than a knife.

Yes, you read that right… a knife from a multi-tool in his right hand and no other surprise in site…

“Cory…?” I asked timidly.

Even in the darkness, I could see that famous Cory smile, the one that made me notice him in the first place. Cory rarely smiled all at once, usually it started in his right cheek and like a ripple, went down to his mouth then across his lips as the rest of his face would catch up. This smirk would later get me in all sorts of predicaments.

” Look…” he said pointing the knife toward the trunk of the closest tree.

I had to step closer to see it in the darkness, but sure enough there my surprise was. In the bark of the tree, a deep cut heart and in it our initials.

“Well,” he said, putting away his tool, ” that will be there forever, so I guess you’ll just kinda stuck with me now.”

And that simply, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of guy I married. Someone who is loving, humorous, kind, and mischievous each in equal measure.  Someone who makes the small moments count.

And now I watch him be that kind of Dad to our children.

I laid in bed, half awake-half asleep, on one of the very rare mornings Cory is still home and not already gone for the day, when I hear giggling coming from the living room.

“What do you think it needs?” Cory asks. And after the appropriate amount of time for a response I hear him state, ” Yes you are so right, another pillow.” (More giggles)

I remain in my room for only a few moments until curiosity gets the better of me.

This is what I see:

In the few moments Cory had before he needed to get ready for school, he didn’t spend twenty minutes reading the paper, or checking his phone, or playing a video game. This amazing man I married built a fort with his children and played with them.

But I can’t even be that surprised.

After all he is just that kind of guy

With love,

Cory and me

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What is the best memory you have of watching your husband be a Dad to your kids?

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  1. Davinae Blount says:

    Made me smile bright and early this morning. I love the diaper sustaining walls…haha…that’s a lot of diapers! Love the babies giggles!!!

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