Preschool for babies? Yup that’s right!

” You do what with your babies?” She asks. I explain again that we have a home preschool routine. “Oh that’s… nice…” She responds with obvious sarcasm.

And I know what she is thinking, that I’m wasting my time.

I have committed to writing lesson plans and units to encourage the development of my children. Some days go better than others. In honesty, some days learning time doesn’t happen at all. But everyday I tap into my teaching genes and play classroom with my kids.

We have a learning routine after lunch that includes:

  • Calendar
    • Days of the Week song
    • Review of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
    • Weather outside
  • Counting to 10
  • Abc’s
  • our sound of the week (Chosen from a babies first sounds phoneme chart).
  • Our unit key words (Vocabulary development)
  • Our unit story
  • Sensory Activity
  • Song and Dance time

My Twins are now 10 months old, so I know many people will think that this routine is ridiculous. But it isn’t just for them, it is for me. I love teaching, and guess what they love learning time. They can be fussy and picking on each other, but if I walk over to the calendar and beginning singing our Days of the Week song, they crawl on over, sit nicely in front of the calendar and bob along to the calendar songs.


They have been doing this since 4 months old. It is familiar to them, and they welcome their learning time. So what if half of what I do (or even the majority of what I do) goes over their heads. Someday they will get it, and they won’t just say ” Oh I understand now”. They will be absorbing it long before they can participate in a more active way, but in the mean time my kids have met certain learning objectives. No not any of the content I’m teaching, but here are the learning objectives the twins have met from my efforts:


  • They practice their listening
  • They are gaining attention spans
  • They participate with songs and sounds
  • They “sing” and dance along.
  • They are forming an understanding of the value our family places on educatoin
  • They are forming learning habits
  • They have learned how to hold a book, look at the pictures, and clap at the end.
  • They recognize learning structure (siting in front of our calendar wall, looking at what I’m pointing at, participating by clapping or trying to repeat sounds or words.)

These are great head starts for their education.

It is so much fun planning activities or units for them. I want to share some of our units here in the coming weeks, to demonstrate how fun and easy it is to cover one unit of learning a month that will expose your child to vocabulary, phonics, phonemes, and sensory development that will help them too have a head start.

Units I’m posting can apply learning for Infant to Pre-K.

Check back Tomorrow for a DIY Calendar time tutorial and a video of some of our songs and routines that you can use to help your little on grow. More posts later this week will model each unit and how you can make it different for kids of different age levels.

And to those who think my efforts are a waste of my time, It’s my time to waste. And If I want to waste it on cutting out cute learning units and activities for my kids instead of letting Netflix auto play another episode, I will.


With love,


Coming soon: DIY calendar time, days of the week song, How to make a preschool unit

For older kids: Connect learning to Pokemon Go! (Publishing August 1st).

pokemon go

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2 Responses to Preschool for babies? Yup that’s right!

  1. BeckiG says:

    Language development happens when we talk, play, sing and read to our infants! Children thrive with routine, and you are spending quality time with them! Love it!

  2. Carolina says:

    I love your philosophy on this subject! Yay Dani!!

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