“Oh No!” Moment

Oh no

Some problems are unique to moms of twins. 

For example, I finished errands and laid each of the twins down on a blanket to change their diapers. This is where things usually get interesting.


Because both babies are so interested in what I’m doing with the other, it is usually easy to give them each a wipe and change both their diapers at the same time.

I do this about 9 times a day for the last 10 months, but yesterday went terribly wrong.

The problem: I only had changed 1.5 diapers.

How can you change half a diaper you ask? Well this is what happens when you take off the dirty diaper but fail to put a clean one on. Do you see where this is going?


I’m with the babies chasing them around the furniture when I state that someone is stinky and needs to be changed again. That’s when I see it, a little bit of baby poop on the floor.

“Oh, someones leaking.” I pick up Miss Eleanor and that is when I see she is covered in poo, and there is a streak of surprises across the floor behind the chair and on a baby book entitled “The miracles of Jesus”.

“OH NO!” I proclaim. “Ellie where is your diaper?” (Insert Ellie laughing here). After looking around the room to see if she pulled it off I realized what has happened, I accept responsibility, and begin working out the logistics of how to keep Walt away from the “mess” and how to clean the floor which was an adventure in itself.


Plus the added bonus of debating the eternal consequences of throwing away a Jesus miracles book that now displays the primary featurette of Ellie’s Ca-ca…. I figured God would understand….

Morgan freeman

Thanks Morgan Freeman.

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Bahahaha I love that you share your ups and downs with all of us.

  2. BeckiG says:


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