Home Learning routine: How to get started?

So, you’ve decided to start a learning routine with your infant or toddler, GREAT! Although it is never too early to start, it is best to start small. Calendar time is a great way to begin.
Remember this should be fun for you and them so don’t force it. Your goal is to expose them to the language and learning routine, not for them to gain these skills until they are older.

My calendar is from Lakeshore learning $19.99 and a great investment. However, there are many you can make yourself if interested.


I recommend starting sandwiching all your content between songs. This mean you should start with a song, and end with a song.

We Start with “Days of the Week”

Days of the week



Point out what today and tomorrow is. Older kids can do yesterday too. Talk about what month it is and what day of the month, mark special days like outings and birthdays on the calendar and talk about them all week long. Look outside/ or older kids ask them to think about the weather when they were outside earlier. Track the weather.  We usually do a weather song at this point. But any song will do. You can wrap up calendar with applause.

And you’ve done it! You have started an in home learning routine that you can add on to as time and toddlers allow. Here is my full calendar routine.

  1. Days of the week
  2. Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
  3. Special days coming up
  4. Counting 1-10
  5. Abc’s
  6. Weather
  7. Weather Song (I’ll post some of these another day)
  8. Sound of the week
  9. Key words for the unit (right now we are doing a beach unit)
  10. Ending Song.


Work your way up to all of these, and add your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment, tell me how it is going, your challenges and successes, and what fun ways you made it your own!

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  1. May Bee says:

    What a cute idea this is! I love the Addams Family song theme 🙂 (one of my all-time favorites)

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