2-3 months old

Learning and Growing everyday, our twins are discovering the world around them. One of the most exciting job as a parent is to help your baby discover the world around them. Unfortunately, it is hard to know what to do with your little bundle of joy. After all what can they do?

Take a look below at the activities you and your baby can do together so you can enhance your babies learning. I’ll fill in photos as me and the twins complete these throughout the month.

2 month activities

Ideas Below:

  1. Sensory development: play with lights (make sure they do not get too hot!)
  2. Tummy Time with a Baby Friend (Our in the twin’s case with each other)


DSC01100 DSC01167

3. Speak in funny accents

4. Read Poems:  poetry will help your babies speech develop. Enjoy some Shell Silverstein


5. Host a mommy lunch! This is good for you and good for the babies. Introducing them to new people between 11-13 weeks old will help them be able to go to other people. This will be helpful in date nights, when family comes to visit etc.


Need more ideas?… go back to previous post for one month activities that can be continued. Don’t forget to pin for later use or share with a friend.

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