Month One and Two Overview (1-8 weeks old)

Month one is about survival!

I approach motherhood with a sense of humor. I know I want to do all of these things, and some are easy to do, but I will never give myself a hard time about not “doing it all”. 

But Here are some great things to do with your baby (or babies) when they are awake that will encourage their development during the beginning months. Make sure you check back all during this first few months as I will post specific details about each activity, printables to make them easy, and video and pictures of the Twins and I completing some of the activities. Some are just things baby (or babies) will do naturally like coos or reaching for items. Those Things I just plan mark off when I see/hear the baby doing them consistently.

Like any parent, I want to teach my children everything!

I’m so excited to see them grow and learn.

Month one edit



Sensory Development: Activities that help baby develop vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

Gross motor skill development: Helping baby learn how to use muscles in their arms, legs, neck, and abdominals.

Fine motor skill development: Helping baby make connections between hands and fingers to complete more complex tasks.

Language development: Skills that help an infant develop understanding of communication and acquiring language.

Social development: Assists the baby in developing positive relationships with others including friends and family, other care givers, and even other babies and children.


***disclaimer: all babies devolop at slightly different rates, allow for natural progression of devolopment, and when concerned, speak to your child’s doctor.***

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